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Camille is a happily married mother of 6 who enjoys writing and spreading her gifts of love and encouragement to the world. Along with being a mother and wife, Camille wears multiple hats and sometimes she has to wear them simultaneously as she is multi-talented as an Author, Fashion Artist, and Poet, amongst many other areas of expertise mentioned.  "I have always been a writer, life coach(before there was an official title for it) a lover of fashion since I was a young girl. It was when working in a corporate career for decades that I realized how much of an impact fashion had on my confidence level. It was then when I was inspired to write my first book titled "A Confident Queen: Dresses the Part" to share my discovery with other women to help those who are looking to conquer everyday struggles within themselves and for those want more out of life, by providing a tool that will allow them to put back on that invisible Crown to live the life each one of us desires and deserves". 

Get your copy today and start living your best life on purpose instead of default!

Coming Soon!

Copyright 2017 @Camille Edley 

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