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Don't settle on settling

"Being grateful for what you have. Be fearless for what you want." ~Camille Edley

I have a few questions for you all to ponder on this morning. How many of you are settling? Most importantly, you should ask yourself why? Is it because you don't believe you truly deserve what you desire? Or is it that you are afraid to step outside of what's familiar because it's the unknown, so you decide it's not worth the changes you will need to take to recieve your desires?

For whatever reason you may have, I have a message especially for you today. Don't get stuck settling on settling. You are worthy of beautiful things and worthy of having an abundant life. Decide what type of life you want, make it out, take action.

I know that can be overwhelming to make decisions, certainly if you are unaware of where to start.

Start with a journal and/or a vision board. I'll give you a few categories to start with an you can expand as you see fit. Create a category for career, relationships, travel, fitness & spirituality, travel, etc. This is for those who want to get clear about your desires and ready to take steps to make positive changes in their life or environment. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, so take your time and have fun with it, add pictures from magazines to tell a story, your story for the life you see yourself living. Place your list or Vision somewhere were you can see it daily and give thanks and gratitude for it. For we have to speak things into existence long before it's a reality. Decide that you are ready to create the life you desire and you refuse to settle for less!

Peace & Love,


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