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How to overcome obstacles

To whom much is given....much is required. If achieving goals were easy everyone would do it quickly and without any difficulty.

Even when you have a clear vision and know the detailed steps you need to take, there will always be some sort of obstacle on your path to greatness. This is where we discover the joy in your journey. I say this because it's the clearing or removing of our obstacles that makes life rewarding, and helps us to truly feel accomplished when you finally reach your pinnacle of success.

To overcome obstacles: 1.Embrace awareness- if you don't identify the obstacle or even see it as a hindrance you will never achieve your goals. Don't just blame "the enemy", take responsibility and make necessary adjustments.

2. Manage your time- Tackle the hardest part first. The harder the obstacle, the more time it will take to overcome. Set a schedule for yourself with timelines in real time to accomplish.

3. Commit to self- We have so many distractions on top of responsibilities to take care of. This is where you must decide to committ to self and hold yourself accountable by taking action. Prioritize and be disciplined enough to take your goals seriously.

Most importantly, continue to walk by faith, not by sight and trust confidently when you do your part the Universe has no choice but to follow the momentum you have created to make all of your dreams come true. The dream is free, the hustle to achieve it is sold separately. "You have to pay the cost to be the boss"... Peace & Love,


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