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What is belief?

A belief is an idea or principle we judge to be true. When you stop to think about it, realize this is no small thing: lives are routinely sacrificed or and saved based on what people believe. The great thing about this is you have a choices. When's the last time you checked your beliefs? Are they outdated? Is it time to make changes? Are they serving you or limiting you? Our beliefs is the foundation that builds up or hinders our lives.

When you believe that wonderful things are possible, that's what you will recieve, when you believe that things never go your way, you can't get ahead, etc., this is also what you will receive.

Don't waste time or energy giving attention to your worries, feed your faith by Believing the in The Power that is greater than you, working for your highest favor and good.

Keep your eyes on the prize and expect greatness inside and out. fa

Wishing you a wonderful day! Peace & Love, ✌ Camille

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