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"Don't be afraid of going slowly, be afraid of only standing still."~Chinese Proverb

This message is for the dreamers.....As a dreamer we have an abundance of witty and wonderful ideas, goals and dreams, that could be worth millions of dollars or even change the world, if we decide to take daily inspired action.

When you first get those awesome ideas you are excited, hopeful, and determined. But then time passes or the "real work" comes in where you have to figure how to make it happen. This is where we can tend to get lost in the hows, and if you talk to people about your dreams they implant their thoughts of doubt and tell you you'll never be able to complete your tasks or goals.

After all of that, your fear starts to set in with thoughts of "can I really do this", "but what if it doesn't work", "it will take me a long time to accomplish this" and so on. You were given your dream or Vision for a reason, as you are they only person who can bring it to life. Others may not understand your vision because it was for YOU. Don't allow anyone or any intimate you from fulfilling your destiny or purpose I fear of what may lie ahead.

You have to push yourself into consistent action each day as this is one of the most important skills to learn in life. That is where the growth of life is cultivated.

When you discipline yourself to take action daily, no matter how small it builds up your confidence to pursue your dreams to competition. When you choose to wish for change and take no action to get there it will put you in a spiraling downward funk, because your spirit knows what you SHOULD be doing, yet you are going against yourself.

Decide today that you are WORTH it. Every dream/goal/idea requires a sacrifice, be willing to sacrifice your past, for your future.

Wishing you a wonderful day! Peace & Love, ✌Camille

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